Smart meter solutions

2021-03-09 14:13:39


      The original intention and reason of intelligent instrument replacing traditional instrument is energy saving. With the use of smart meters, the power enterprises will eventually form a well planned power grid, such as planning power generation capacity and more effective management of grid resources. According to global trend data, countries are actively deploying smart meters to maintain stability and control of the power situation. At present, smart meter has become one of the basic equipment of smart grid in China, and it bears the responsibility of the pioneer of smart grid. Intelligent instrument not only has the basic function of measuring power consumption, but also has the intelligent functions of bidirectional multi rate measurement, customer control, anti-theft, bidirectional data communication supporting multiple data transmission modes, so as to work together. H use smart grid and new energy.
   In the smart meter industry, Epson crystal oscillator company has launched a clock chip rx-8025t, which is one of the most commonly used modules. The x1b0000120010 clock module has high crystal vibration precision, and the clock is internal (error (+1s/d or +1min/y), wide temperature range, second pulse output and other energy. Rx-8025t has high-speed I2C interface, which can set and maintain clock and set timing alarm. Rx-8025t has built-in high stability 32.768KHz digital temperature compensation crystal oscillator (DTCXO) and leap year (2000-2099) automatic adjustment function, which can meet the high precision clock calendar timing function. Rx-8025t has very low power consumption, and has 32.768KHz crystal oscillator built in, which eliminates the external crystal oscillator, and has the function of temperature compensation. By setting the corresponding compensation control bit, temperature compensation can be realized. At different time intervals, the accuracy of the clock is greatly improved. It has powerful function and very simple peripheral circuit. The storage temperature range of rx-8025t real-time clock module is -55-125 ℃, the operating temperature range is -40-85 ℃, which can work stably for a long time under extreme temperature environment, and reduce the failure rate of equipment maintenance. Rx-8025t real time clock module is packaged with chip sop-14, which is small in size and suitable for PCB welding. The 8025t launched by Beijing seven core Zhongchuang can completely replace the Epson clock rx-8025t.
The intelligent meter is recommended to adopt 8025t, with 32.768KHz digital temperature compensation crystal oscillator built in to meet the requirements of high precision and meet the requirements in the full temperature range. National network instruments. In addition, 8025t has the functions of timer alarm, fixed period timer interrupt, time update interrupt, leap year automatic adjustment, support I2C bus high-speed mode, low current power consumption of only 0.48ua/3v. In addition, the design of smart meters requires higher security, low power consumption and high reliability of the integrated performance of proprietary systems, which are very important factors.
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