Scheme of temperature measurement system in wine cellar

2021-03-09 14:41:22

    According to the actual application of workshop cellar temperature measurement currently used by domestic distilleries, on the basis of widely understanding the current temperature measurement equipment and domestic intelligent wireless temperature measurement technology, a combination of "production, learning and refinement" is formed to complete the project implementation plan. Through the intelligent transformation of the cellar temperature measurement under existing conditions, the transformation from manual to intelligent in Baijiu brewing process is realized. The scattered and non connected production data become the traceable production data, which lays the foundation for observing and discovering the law of liquor making. At the same time, the system makes the production operation more standardized and visual.

          The wireless thermometer developed by our company can realize the real-time temperature measurement of upper, middle and lower points, and transmit the data to the gateway (receiver) through reliable wireless protocol. The gateway transmits the data to the central control computer in the workshop, and the central control computer uploads the data to the server through Ethernet. The server builds a background management system, and regulates different members to carry out division of labor detection through authority setting, At the same time, according to the data input by the chemist, the key points are prompted and sent back. According to the prompts, the production workers optimize the production process of the pit.

        Through transformation, information sharing of Baijiu brewing process management and business departments can be realized, office automation and work efficiency can be realized. Digital real-time temperature measurement technology can reflect the temperature change rule of fermentation process, and more accurately enhance Baijiu brewing process. Online filling and automatic report generation can be ensured through data analysis of Laboratory Department, so as to ensure data real and timely. It can automatically report the overall operation of the equipment, reliable system design can greatly reduce the later management and maintenance of the equipment; powerful background management platform, fully realize the visual operation, provide clear data information and convenient operation to the manager to the maximum extent, reserve more background interfaces, lay the foundation for software customization and subsequent extensible development Good foundation. The overall goal of "reducing labor intensity, reducing management costs, improving management level, improving economic benefits and improving the comprehensive quality of employees" has been achieved.

Wine cellar thermometer

It is composed of low-power Series CPU and self-developed high-precision temperature sensor. It is powered by three 5 batteries to measure and display the temperature in real time. It has the functions of upper, middle and lower three-point real-time temperature measurement and temperature digital display. It adopts its own protocol. It has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, good stability, ultra-high precision (higher precision can be customized), simple use, no parameter configuration, no cumbersome wiring and so on

  • Real time temperature measurement of upper, middle and lower three points
  • Temperature digital display
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Wide range (- 55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃)
  • High precision (± 1 ℃)
  • Low power consumption (battery life ≥ 3 years)
  • Ad hoc network, simple configuration
  • Lora wireless transmission (1km under open space)

Comparison of basic parameters:

Parameter name

Wine cellar thermometer

Existing transmitter in winery

power supply

No.5 battery in general use on the market

Specific batteries cannot be purchased externally

Endurance capability

Collect every 10 minutes, 3 batteries can be used for more than 5 years, energy saving and environmental protection

Specific batteries can't be purchased externally, and they can be collected once every 6 hours, less than one year.


Using digital temperature sensor, the accuracy is ± 0.1 ℃

The simulation temperature sensor PT100 is used, and the accuracy is ± 0.3 ℃


Lora protocol, transmission distance 1km

Unknown private protocol

Protection level



sampling period

1s-65535s, can customize time and visualize operation through software

Need to be changed by professionals

Connection mode

Wireless layout

Wireless layout

Display mode

LCD segment code display, vibration sensor is set inside, vibration wake-up function is simple and practical

Built in switch for wake-up

Collection point

The first three-point temperature measurement of upper, middle and lower layers

Single point temperature measurement

Intelligent Gateway

Intelligent gateway is a wireless gateway with wireless data aggregation and device management functions. The gateway will gather the data collected by the wine cellar thermometer wirelessly, and gather the data to the computer, mobile phone, central control computer, cloud platform and other servers through wired or wireless way。

  • Lora private protocol is simple, secure and reliable
  • Intelligent ad hoc network
  • Time division multiplexing, multi-channel mount, reduce interference
  • Supports up to 300 nodes
  • Support Ethernet, 4G, WLAN wireless communication
  • The network port supports 100 / 1000Mbps speed
  • Long distance transmission, up to 1km, support bridging mode to increase transmission distance
  • Data encryption, verification processing, improve the security of data transmission

Parameter comparison:

Parameter name

Intelligent Gateway

Existing receiver in winery

Wired transmission

Wired transmission supports a variety of general serial port, USB, Ethernet and other general protocols

485 serial port protocol

Wireless transmission

The transmission rate supports Lora, 4G, WiFi, nb-iot and other public protocols

Unknown private protocol

Load capacity

300 nodes

25 nodes

transmission speed

21.875kbps for 300 nodes


data security

The data is processed by encryption and verification, and transmitted safely by double slave authentication



PC software

According to the actual use habits and requirements of the factory, we compile the intelligent production software which is most in line with the operation of the front-line production workers. We use the standard programming language, optimize the code to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the software. We set up powerful encryption means in the data transmission to ensure the safe transmission of data. We can configure the server privately and arrange the firewall free of charge, so as to ensure the safe operation of the software It is inconsistent with the corresponding open permissions of users, so the management system should be optimized. Background management interface, depth optimization of human-computer interaction。

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