Intelligent Appliance

2021-03-09 14:24:56


   With the development of science and technology, the level of intelligent household appliances is becoming more and more high. Among them, the use of sensors to achieve intelligent control of household appliances has become an important means of home appliance manufacturers to obtain market share. In the process of intelligent control of household appliances, the control must be done on the basis of the precise measurement of physical quantity. At this time select the high accuracy, high reliability of the sensor has become particularly important.

       QT18B20 has excellent stability and reliability, accurate temperature measurement accuracy, the appropriate price, for the temperature dependent home appliance manufacturers provide an excellent choice.

      QT18B20 can deal with single point measurement, multi-point measurement, low power measurement, high precision difference measurement, remote measurement and other application scenarios, so that the temperature measurement in home appliances is very easy.

In addition to the program in addition to the performance optimization of the chip itself, but also provides a modular solution, external IIC and SPI standard interface to achieve a variety of scenarios of the standard solution

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