Three trends of sensor development

2021-03-09 09:45:07


     Sensor is the extension of human facial features. The basic function of sensor is to make objects "live". Whether in the production process or in the product application process, sensors can "sense" the relevant data parameters well, so as to control the normal and efficient operation of the equipment. Therefore, in the modern industrial and social state, the importance of sensor is self-evident. With the advent of new sensor technology revolution, the world has entered the information age. In the process of using information, the first step is to obtain accurate and reliable information and data, and the sensor is the main way and means to achieve this step.
     In the basic subject research, sensor has a more prominent position. With the development of modern science and technology, it has entered many new fields. In addition, there are various kinds of extreme technology research which play an important role in developing new energy and new materials. Obviously, it is impossible for human beings to obtain a large amount of information directly without sensors. The first obstacle of many basic scientific research lies in the difficulty of obtaining object information, and the emergence of some new mechanisms and high-sensitivity detection sensors will often lead to breakthroughs in this field.
     Nowadays, sensors have penetrated into industrial production, ocean exploration, environmental protection, medical diagnosis, bioengineering and many other fields. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every modern project, from vast space to vast ocean to various complex engineering systems, cannot do without various sensors. Therefore, as an important part of modern production and life system, the intelligent sensor is the general trend. With the promotion of intelligence and networking, it is expected that the development of intelligent sensors will continue to speed up in the future.
Since its birth, sensors have been closely connected with data and information. It can be said that collecting and transmitting data information is the main mission of the sensor. Especially with the formal commercial use and accelerated deployment of 5g network, the networking of sensors will usher in significant benefits.
In the field of science and technology, as precision components or parts, most of them take miniaturization as the main development direction, and sensors are no exception. In recent years, sensors have achieved good results in miniaturization. Based on the continuous upgrading of design, process and processing technology, sensor products can be widely used in many new technology products of intelligent hardware.
With the development trend of intelligence, networking and miniaturization, the upgrading of sensor technology has a deep foundation, and the market demand for the diversification of sensor functions is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the trend of sensor integration is becoming increasingly prominent.
In today's era, sensor technology plays an important role in the development of economy and social progress. Countries all over the world have attached great importance to the development of this field. In the near future, sensor technology will achieve a qualitative leap and reach a new level.
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